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When you think of something warm, what do you think of? Wool? How about Alpaca? Some people might be surprised to find how warm, long-lasting, and wrinke resistant Alpaca clothing can be.

Born and raised in Peru, Elizabeth Gels spent her life around the animals. It was after she’d moved to the US, met her husband, and traveled back home with him that the idea for their business really began to bloom. In December of 2006 Alpaca Boutique was born. Since then, Elizabeth has dedicated her time to growing her business and providing Alpaca-based products of the highest quality possible.

What was the inspiration behind the Alpaca Boutique?

Alpaca is in my roots. I was born and raised in Peru where Alpacas are known to have originated. As a child I learned to appreciate and respect the Alpaca as a symbol of the Andes.

I moved to the United States in the late 90’s to attend Boston University where I received my MBA. While in Boston, I met my husband Dean who is originally from Ohio. When we travelled to Peru, Dean saw Alpacas for the first time and was fascinated by these animals and their unique fiber. I explained that Alpaca wool was a natural product that was eco-friendly, beautiful to look at, extremely soft, as well as warm and lightweight. My husband and I began developing the idea of building a business that brings extraordinary value to people. The Alpaca’s extraordinary characteristics convinced us that this was a unique fine fiber that would become consumers first choice in luxurious and comfortable wear. All they needed to do was try it and they would love it.

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