The Easy Shovel

Easy Shovel 2

This shovel attachment sounds like it has potential:

The Easy Shovel is a cleaver attachment that will attach to any standard spade, shovel or gardening item. In 3 easy steps you can add this to your existing shovel, spare or fork and stop bending over and putting strain on your back.

By using the easy shovel, you do not need to bend down to pick up the shovel, this will protect the base of the spine from injury and transfers the load of lifting across the shoulders, giving you greater power and control. This is especially important for those long, repetitive tasks that can lead to RSI (repetitive strain injury).

Great for professionals who are working all day, doing the garden, working in the allotment, or moving the snow from your drive ways and paths.

Contact them for distributor information.

Of course, since I just moved 24,000 lbs. of pea gravel by hand, I have an affinity for gizmos that make shoveling easier.

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