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Were you in the military and miss the hum and dust of the armored divisions as they rolled past on the battlefield? Do you like to destroy things? Dive A Tank offers you the opportunity to experience both.

Rides in the tank start at $399 and go all the way up to $749 for the opportunity to crush two cars!

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Their biggest purchaser? Women.

Many of our inquiries come from women. Wives, mothers & girl friends who want to give the man in their life a gift he will always remember. Many people would like to celebrate a milestone birthday or wedding anniversary. We have also had veterans bring family members because they wanted to share.

Don’t worry about accidentally firing off the big gun. All of their tanks have been “de-milled.” All of the parts responsible for firing have been removed from the tanks.

Not all of their rides just involve driving through mud and over cars. Sometimes participants can get creative:

A company in Kasota, Minn., took home demolition to the next level when they used a tank to raze an abandoned house.

The 150-year-old home had been slated for demolition on Monday, but the owners decided to spice things up and called in a British FV432 armored personnel carrier owned by Drive-A-Tank. The local company typically caters to individuals interested in military tank driving and car crush adventures.

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