5 Common Mistakes When Buying a Printer


Many people make mistakes when buying a printer that leave them shaking their fists in fury at their new technological purchase that didn’t live up to what the store told them it would. Before setting on your ink fueled journey it’s best to be prepared. The ink cartridge specialists at Cartridge Link know exactly what to look for and were happy to share their advice with us.

Ignoring running costs

Although the most expensive printers are not necessarily the best printers for your needs it is important to acknowledge that a very cheap printer may not live up to your own expectations. A cheaper printer may be cheaper for a reason, it uses a lot more toner. The running costs of a printer can be terribly expensive when the efficiency is low. An inkjet printer, for example, is the cheapest type compared to a laser print. However, an inkjet printer, on average, have a higher cost per page when using printer ink and toner.

Buying mono instead of color

For both businesses and individuals alike it should be noted the majority of sales are sealed via colored print copies. Buying a mono printer may save on ink costs but most people will agree it doesn’t seem as professional to see a black and white print. Secondly, mono prints can be more difficult to read with the location of information much slower. A colour printer purchase could means a higher return on investment.

Software compatibility

It’s imperative you check your operating system is compatible with the printer you are about to buy. Some customers don’t realize this and when they come to connect their printer they find drivers are missing or information is straight out not relayed between computer and printer. Read the printer box, or if there isn’t one contact the retailer if it’s online or talk to the customer service assistant. Also think about whether you want WiFi compatibility or just a wired connection, the former could be a good option if you want to use your printer for a variety of computers around the house or office.

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Not checking user reviews

You’ve bought your new printer, you’ve connected it without a hitch and your print job is as gorgeous as the high definition advert you first saw it on. Roll on six months later and your printer is spluttering, screeching a decrepit tune and producing a paper print that although looks Piccasso-esque is certainly not what you were hoping for. Always check reviews. Websites such as Amazon are a good starting place as are independent review websites such as Which Magazine. Never neglect the power of word of mouth, firth hand experiences are priceless.

One of the most common complaints for printer purchases include not planning for the future. Think about what your requirements are. Are you a business or an individual? Do you want convince people with your prints or is it for something less demanding? Do you want versatility for the future or do you plan to dispose of your printer soon? Remember, technology changes and the demands on that technology change too.

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