Marketable Solution To Smelly Problem

I follow Mayor Sam Adams on Twitter, which is a nearly impossible task since he tweets at a rate that would cause the thumbs of normal people to seize up and fall off. Regardless, during a recent Sunday Parkways, His Honor tweeted a photo of a uniquely Portland household invention that is being made right here in town: the Kitchen Compost Caddy.

Why uniquely Portland? Because in late 2011, Portland initiated a residential composting program that distributed household composting buckets to all Portland households. It was the arrival of a composting bucket that inspired Jeff Evans, to create the Kitchen Compost Caddy.

NN: What’s the story behind the creation of the Kitchen Compost Caddy?
JE: When our little brown composting bucket arrived on the doorstep, my first thoughts were: “I don’t want this sitting on my kitchen countertop. My space is limited and this bucket is just not attractive.”

Once we began to use the bucket, we became frustrated with the height of the bucket on the countertop when scraping our food scraps into it; the repetitive opening and closing of the lid; the associated banging noise made each time we had to dispose of our food scraps; and the foul smells coming from the bucket as the food scraps sat decomposing at room temperature.

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