Turn Your Small Business Into a Global Success


Owning a small business or start up company was probably a long term dream come true and the result of many years hard work, tenacity and determination. Taking that same business to the next level may seem like a dream too far for most of you, yet every day thousands of small business owners are taking the leap from small and local to big and global, with the help of good planning, a solid strategy and an awesome website.

If 2014 is the year for you to start thinking big, then you’re going to need the help of a great SEO company or have a basic degree of website optimization knowledge yourself. In today’s digital age, getting yourself noticed amongst the 100 million other active websites is a challenge to say the least!

Here are some top hints and tips to help you on your way – global domination could be yours!

Build a brand

The phrase ‘brand’ is widely bandied around but more often than not misunderstood and misused. It’s difficult to claim you have a brand if you have no brand advocates, no social following and no company vision or values.

Big brands make sure they connect emotionally with their consumers by making them feel part of a larger group, and enhancing their lives in some way. Make sure you engage with customers and potential customers, giving them what they want and need, and making them feel part of a large family.

Get Social

If you haven’t yet ventured into the world of ‘social’ then now is the time. However, rather than trying to appeal to the masses on every single one, pick the right platform for your business and focus your attention there.

For example, Pinterest appeals mainly to females and has strong associations with crafters. If your business isn’t suited to lots of image led social updates, then another platform like Linkedin or Twitter may be a better option.

Disrupt the competition

Don’t be afraid to break the mold, and think or do things very differently.  Just because you, or your competitors, have always done something a certain way it doesn’t mean that’s the only way of doing it.

Take a look at your business and try to think about a problem it’s currently facing differently. Rather than only thinking of one or two of the same tried and tested solutions, allow yourself time to think of 50 completely new ones. Not only will you think about the problem differently, a greater choice means you’re more likely to stumble across the solution that will work.

Get mobile

Make sure your customers are able to access your website no matter which device they chose to find you on. 2013 was the year of the mobile, and an unprecedented number of people are now accessing the internet every day using their smartphones or tablets, rather than PCs or laptops. Investing in a responsive or mobile website for your business may seem like a big investment, but can you afford to miss out?

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