Does My Business Need to Employ the Services of a Toxicologist?

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If your business is involved in the production of a product, the most important consideration for your business will be whether or not the product is safe and reliable. Consumer safety is absolutely essential and should be deemed more important than anything else, including the profit margin of your company. The services of a toxicology firm like Bibra Toxicology Advice & Consultingare very valuable and sometimes required by law, as they make sure that health of your customers is properly safeguarded against the harmful effects of chemicals.

What is Toxicology?

Toxicology is the study of the adverse effect of foreign substances (also known as xenobiotics) on the body. Toxicologists are professionals that study the health effects of exposure to certain substances and the mechanisms associated with this exposure. You will find toxicology professionals working in various industries, not limited to pharmaceuticals and chemicals, local and national government, and higher education institutions.

What are the Different Kinds of Toxicology?

There are many separate strands of toxicology, and understanding them will help you determine which kind of toxicology is appropriate for the needs of your business. Occupational toxicology involves the establishing of occupational exposure limits. For example, if you work in an environment with hazardous chemicals, you will need to know the safe limits of exposure in order to protect your staff. This kind of toxicology is linked to industry hygiene and is essential to the creation and maintenance of a safe workplace. Environmental toxicology is the study of how chemical pollution affects people, usually used by environmental consulting firms, government bodies and regulatory agencies. Pharmaceutical toxicology relates to the use of chemicals in medication, food, drink, make-up, bath and shower products, clothing, hair products, animal feed and containers for food and beverages.

What Should I Look for in a Toxicology Firm?

If your business needs to employ the services of a toxicology firm, it’s important to make the right choices in order to best protect your consumers and your business from legal liability. Look for a firm that provides a thorough toxicological risk assessment and will review and critically evaluate the toxicological data gathered. You should be provided with comprehensive and easy to understand toxicity reports and practical suggestions for how to implement changes and more rigorous safety procedures. A good toxicology firm will give you the proper support when your business is preparing dossiers for submission to regulatory bodies, and will help you interpret the legal requirements for regulatory approvals and health and safety legislation.

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