Niche Biz: DaddyScrubs

Daddy Scrubs

Robert Nickell’s idea for DaddyScrubs came to him when his wife was busy picking out her hospital gown for the labor and delivery of their son. He wanted something special that set him apart from the doctor and random uncle. He designed a set of custom scrubs and added “Daddy” on the front and “I’m the Daddy” on the back and called them DaddyScrubs.

The line also features hoodies, baseball hats, T-shirts, the Daddy Backpack and other great gift ideas. Nickell believes all dads deserve to feel special and appreciated during such an important time.

DaddyScrubs is a hot commodity in Hollywood, with celeb daddies like Joey Lawrence, Kevin James, Ian Ziering, CNN’s John Roberts, Ty Murray, Cash Warren, and Donald Trump Jr. sporting them during their time in the delivery room.

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