Niche Biz: Play Cafe’s

Mom and dad may want to go out for a little adult conversation and coffee, but that does not mean the kids will behave. Traditional coffee shops are not known for being kid friendly, but one entrepreneur has launched a kid-friendly cafe with a place for them to play.

Play cafes are places where parents can bring their kids, hang out, usually have a good cup of coffee, and not worry about others looking in askance while a child bangs a toy on the floor or makes loud “vroom-vroom” sounds.

Walk up the Bumble’s porch, past the teakwood sandbox, and through the bright yellow door. It’s decorated in muted grays, white, blacks and yellow. The stained planks in the entry faintly echo bumblebee stripes, but there’s nothing cutesy here.

It’s comfortable, with clean lines and decor. There no cartoon characters or primary color schemes except, perhaps, in the playroom. It’s like being in a home.

“The decor is geared toward the parents because kids will have fun no matter what,” Heffernan said.

The full-service cafe offers organic and locally sourced food, as well as beer, wine, tea and coffee. Bumble serves breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, along with light family dinners.

“We are hoping to bring together local organic ingredients to create food that adults and children can both enjoy and feel good about eating,” said Heffernan.

Photo from Bumble

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