Trade Shows Are Great, If You Do Them Right


When it comes to presenting your products and a trade show or exhibition, it’s hardly a secret that you need to be clued in on the latest tips and tricks. Nobody is going to look twice at a pitch that has nothing but a table and a guy with a tie. It’s what it says on the tin… trade show. No matter how great the idea or product is, potential customers won’t look twice at a stand that hasn’t got a little bit of razzle dazzle.

First things first, get yourself a swish looking table cloth in a dark colour, along with some double sided sticky tape to keep it in place. In addition to these, invest in a few warm coloured table lamps to put at intervals along your table. The lights will catch the eye of customers and will encourage them to engage with your display. They also come in handy for filling in forms if the room is dim or they have poor eyesight. It goes without saying that this will add a little class and elegance to the pitch.

Next on the agenda is having a good-looking display; these banner stands are a great place to start. Make sure you graphic is clear, crisp and high quality, as nobody will take a shoddy pixilated logo very seriously at all. Garish or neon colours can also be an overly brave move, so try to find the perfect balance between eye-catching and subtle sophistication. Also, learn how your banner stand works well in advance of the trade show… There’s nothing quite as humiliating as struggle with various pieces of metal and elastic in front of your trade show neighbours and potential customers.

The way you present yourself is also of key importance, but be sure to take into account your surrounds. You could be in a windy marquee outside or stuck in a stuffy room with the heating stuck on. Despite the elements, you should look clean cut and professional, therefore, layering up is the key. Shirt, blazer, tie and even a smart looking overcoat if necessary, and spare pairs of tights to layer up for women opting for a skirt. Make sure your shoes are polished and that your lunch is strictly ‘non-drip’. If at all possible, don’t eat at your display table, as this looks unprofessional, though coffee is inevitably more accepted in the field. Make sure you have some gun handy to banish that coffee breathe, but avoid talking to customers whilst chewing, as it’s very distracting.

An air of relaxed confidence with heaps of politeness thrown in makes for the perfect attitude, and no matter how tiring the day gets, don’t forget to smile.

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  1. Very well written and well thought out article!

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