Chili That Is ‘Cinful’

Chili is possibly one of the most simple, yet complex foods today. Anyone could make chili, but not everyone can make it good. However, one company is helping the average person change that. Cin Chili offers a variety of spices and products that can help the home cook create the type of chili that will have friends and family coming back for more! The business, created by Cindy Wilkins, was born out of a simple hobby. It soon became obvious that this award winning chili was an opportunity in disguise. I recently spoke with Bruce Wilkins, about the business and their unique products. Tell us a little about Cin Chili.

Cin Chili & Company is a family owned business that manufactures and sells chili seasonings and hot sauces.What inspired it?
Cin Chili & Company was inspired by Cindy Reed Wilkins who started cooking chili as a hobby. She made history by becoming the only back-to-back chili champion for the Chili Appreciation Society International. After years of wanting to do something about her notoriety in the chili world, her husband began researching the possibilities of selling her famous chili.When was it launched?
The dream became a reality in September 2005, when Cin Chili & Company incorporated and began to sell their products.

How many different flavors/products do you offer?

We offer 10 products that include a chili seasoning mix, Ready-to-Serve Heat and Eat Chili that is fully cooked in a microwavable pouch(with and without beans), 7 Hot Sauces that range from a Serrano Pepper Blend to the hottest pepper in the world, the Bhut Jolokia.What separates your product from the competition?
The dry seasoning mix is the best blend of spices for a “bowl of red” and is so easy to cook. The seasoning is so versatile it can be used to cook many other dishes. Our hot sauces are actually edible. Because they are blends, they can be poured on many of your favorite foods and used as marinades. We use quality ingredients so that our products stand out among the best.Are there any goals you hope to accomplish in the New Year?
Yes, we would like to launch some new products, acquire more distribution, and spread the word about Cin Chili & Company.What are some lessons that your business has taught you?
Customer service is of utmost importance. Research is necessary so you know your market and what your competitors have to offer, and don’t put all your eggs in one basket!Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Yes, follow your dreams and don’t be afraid to try something new. If you are passionate about something it can come to fruition, and if it doesn’t at least you tried!**Any advice you’d like to offer fellow entrepreneurs that are just getting started? **
Make sure you have a business plan; set obtainable goals, and be sure that you and your buyers are committed to your product.[![][4]][4]


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