Niche Biz: One-Stop Missionary Shop

The Voice of Mini Cassia (blog):

Burley native T.J. Harris left Burley after high school to become a mortician. As such, he worked in a number of Idaho towns before he realized he wanted to be working among the living.

His transition has been one that not only works for him, but provides a service to many young men who are preparing to serve LDS missions.

Harris recently became manager of Peterson’s Men’s Clothing Store, on Addison Avenue in Twin Falls. The store, which caters to men only at the current time, is especially capable of providing all the clothing needed by LDS missionaries, no matter where they are called to serve – right down to special socks that pull moisture away from feet that will likely end up walking or biking hundreds of miles.

“With their mission call, a missionary gets a list of all the clothing needs he will have for the area he is called to serve in,” Harris explained.

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