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I have a question about working from home. Can you work from home for a company based in Canada and you live in say like US (Florida). How does the currency work? Can they pay you by check like most US companies are is their a difference? I seen where their was a lady that works in Seattle but live in Canada so I am curious. I company from Canada has contacted me to work at home but I not sure I they can pay me?

I’m not an accountant and this isn’t professional advice, but, I regularly receive a check from a couple of Canadian companies for advertising, and one of them sends me a check in Canadian dollars, while the other pays me in American dollars. I’ve never had a problem cashing either of the checks — though they both take longer than domestic checks to process — at least a week, typically.

As for taxes, I just claim the income from their payments like any other income.

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Originally posted by Dane Carlson on July 17, 2014 in Ask the Readers.


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