Startup Superstar Biz Plan Competition

Small business crowd funding pioneer, the leading professional social funding platform, announced today that they are planning to launch Startup Superstar, a novel business plan competition that will help create jobs by supporting budding U.S.entrepreneurs.

“Startup Superstar is all about keeping the American Dream alive by helping small-business entrepreneurs access funding and resources, promoting new ideas, starting new companies, and building social networks for entrepreneurship and innovation,” stated Cornelius McNab, founder of “By helping aspiring entrepreneurs, we all will be winners in creating new jobs that our economy needs so desperately.”

The competition will feature $25,000 or more in total prizes, funded by individual contributors and corporate sponsors. The more contributions and sponsorships that the company raises, the more prizes and winners there will be. Winners will be selected by a “crowd” of judges made up of fans, investors, and sponsors.

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