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Golf and Tennis

Golf and tennis are among the most-played sports by adults, yet among the least played by youth.

Two of the most significant golf and tennis sporting events — the Ryder Cup in Scotland and the US Open in New York — will take place this September.

Hidden behind the attention given those high-profile international events is the fact that golf and tennis are among the most-played sports by adults, yet among the least played by youth. Both industries have struggled in the past to develop ways to grow their sports with youth, and thus create viability in participation for the future. As the baby boomers continue to age and drop from participation in those sports, the question looms: Who and how many people are going to play these sports in the future?

It’s apparent in both industries that future youth participation is critical, and positioning golf and tennis in schools alongside mainstream sports is arguably the most important way to make that happen. However, getting into schools consistently has not been an easy task until now.

The answer: Capitalism, thanks to Joshua Jacobs, a young entrepreneur from southern California who developed an innovative youth sports franchise model specifically for the golf and tennis industries. In 2003 Jacobs launched TGA Premier Junior Golf, which was the first national after-school enrichment program dedicated to golf. In 2006 TGA began selling franchise territories, which allowed would-be business owners a vested interest and incentive to sign up schools and families. The model has proven to be very successful and today they have over 60 active franchise territories across the U.S., Canada, and Spain.

In 2012 the United States Tennis Association (USTA) recognized TGA’s successful model in more than 3,000 schools and immediately partnered with them to develop the same after-school enrichment model for tennis. It fit perfect with the USTA’s popular “10 and Under Tennis” initiative. In just over two and half years, TGA Premier Youth Tennis has launched 27 tennis franchises across the country with more being developed each day.

TGA has developed the only franchise business model of its kind in both industries creating a self-sustaining and consistent school-based business model to grow the sports of golf and tennis at the grass roots level. This innovative model is increasing participation and impacting youth, creating business ownership and job opportunities, and developing new customers for local golf and tennis facilities in your area and nationwide.

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