Real Books as Novelties

Old Books

Kim Bhasin:

As hard copy books go the way of the typewriter, that novelty value may be all they have left. But that might not be as bad as it sounds.

Nostalgia is very marketable. When we remember the past in a positive way, we’re able to shape the memory into a happier version of itself — and that’s a feeling we all love. It also makes us feel younger, taking us back in time.

Yes, independent bookstores are being (and will continue to be) whittled down severely, but once e-books take over, there may yet be hope on the other side for those that remain.

Of course, if old books don’t take off, people can just spray their Kindles with a Smell of Books an “aerosol e-book enhancer”.

Photo by Onyshchenko/ShutterStock.

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