Can You Pay $100 and Create the Next Flappy Bird Clone?

Flappy Bird Clone

A Flappy Bird knock-off called Flappy Penguin isn’t going to make you a millionaire, but one company hopes that you’ll believe it will.

Will the next viral video came come from someone without programming skills? A company called Chupamobile hopes that you hope so.

The London-based website allows developers to sell the source code for their apps and games. There, customers an app template, change a few colors, throw in a few ads, and release the app on iOS and Android… and profit.

At least that’s the dream. And there must be something to it, because Chupamobile just received about $1.3 million in investments to make it happen.

My opinion: No, it’s not going to happen for you that way.

What is going to happen is that a number of developers are going to make a bunch of money selling their apps. If you’re a developer, this website will be great for you.

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