Hosting a Local Event? 5 Tips from the Experts


Event organizing can be stressful. You need to know that you can depend on all your suppliers and personnel, and it’s important to have a backup plan. Here are five ideas to help you plan a successful occasion.

Start With a List

Once you’ve chosen the date for your event, you can start making a checklist. Whether you’re planning a garden fete or an evening charity fundraiser, the principles are the same. Sheffield University’s website has some useful ideas. You should also be prepared to be let down by some of your suppliers, so it’s a good idea to add secondary sources to your list. If you live in the West Midlands, for example, then add a sameday courier Birmingham service to your list, you may need their services to deliver food, a sound system or other essentials at the last minute.

Promoting Your Event

At the head of your list you should include advertising and publicity. It’s no use hosting something if no one knows about it. For free advertising, open a Facebook and Twitter account and get the word out on social media. Make sure that you include the name of your event, if it’s a fundraiser, then you should also include the charity that you are trying to aid. Highlight the time and date in bold. If you’re commissioning graphics and posters, get your ideas in early. Also get estimates from any printers you may think of using.

Learn How to Delegate

The secret behind any event lies in its organization. It’s a good idea to assemble a committee and identify the skills of each member. This will allow you to have overall control but you’ll be secure in the knowledge that those best suited to certain tasks will be able to carry out their functions. Hold regular meetings to ensure that all elements of the event plan are carried out; also insist that every helper writes down their actions. This might sound laborious, but you need to know that people are keeping to a timetable.

Don’t Forget Event Insurance

If you’re holding a garden fete, you should take out insurance in case rain stops play. It’s also a good idea to see if you need public liability insurance. If you’re hosting a dinner dance for 50 couples in a marquee and the tent collapses and injures one of the guests, who is going to pay the bills? There is a government website that has some great tips and suggestions about safety and event organizing.

Stick to Your Budget

Never ever go over budget. If possible set some of the organizing funds to one side to act as a contingency fund. Always get estimates for any service that you may want to commission for your event. You could always employ guile and barter, and offer your suppliers free advertising in exchange for cheaper goods and services. Community events can promote goodwill, and you may be pleasantly surprised at the level of local support.

It’s also vital to thank everyone. The success of any event, however large or small, relies on a team of dedicated volunteers, and they will deserve your praise.

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