Even in a thriving economy, starting a small business can be extremely difficult. With the recent revelation that many small and medium sized businesses in the UK are suffering from a significant skills shortage, for example, it is clear that independent ventures can find it difficult to source talent and drive long-term growth. A lack of financial resource and business capital underpins these issues, which means that cash conscious entrepreneurs will need to find ways of reducing costs over time if they are to achieve success.

3 Tips for Cash Conscious Entrepreneurs: How to Thrive without Compromise

With this in mind, what practical steps can cash conscious entrepreneurs take to reduce costs without compromising on the performance of their business? Consider the following:

Partner With Local Firms

With a growing number of small businesses choosing to establish themselves within their local area, there is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to utilize this as a way of reducing their start-up costs. If you target a geographical region that is proving popular among fellow business owners, for example, you can look to exchange services and accomplish goals without being forced to spend huge amounts of money. This type of mutually beneficial collaboration is a cornerstone of success in small business ownership, especially in an age where cost control is so central to long-term growth.

Invest in Low Cost Equipment

If you require equipment or machinery to put your business plan into action, it is crucial that you are able to source this as cheaply as possible. This may require a huge amount of proactive thinking and shopping around, as there are a number of domestic and international suppliers that ship specialist tools across the globe. The amount of time that you invest in identifying viable suppliers will directly influence your financial savings, however, so it is well worth comparing the market as aggressively and assiduously as possible.

Consider Your Approach to Recruitment and Staffing

Thanks to the advent of technological innovation and development of remote working techniques, business owners now have a unique opportunity to save money and optimize efficiency when recruiting employees. Not only does the current, online labour market enable entrepreneurs to hire a flexible, remote and cost effective workforce, for example, but it also gives them the opportunity to recruit from a ***global ***talent pool. The single most important benefit of this is that it can help to minimize operational costs, as staff can be employed on fixed, short-term contracts or according to the needs of each individual project.

Originally posted by Dane Carlson on August 18, 2014 in You Don't Say.


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