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Small businesses often need to maximize their resources while working on a shoestring budget. Yet, as the saying goes, you have to spend money to make money. When rolling out a new product to the public, it is essential to make a big splash that gets noticed. Here are a few tips that can make that happen.

Choose a great venue

Negotiate with local vendors to get the best deal on a presentation room or banquet hall suitable for corporate catering, depending on the type of venue you plan to use. Arrange with the vendor or a few of your company employees to tastefully decorate the room in an impressive way that fits the theme of your party. Keep your audience’s tastes and interests in mind.

Send invitations

Nicely-printed invitations made by your company or a low-cost printing office don’t have to cost a fortune to make a good impression. Print invitations imply quality as well as encourage guests to RSVP so you can plan for a specific number to attend. They also help to create a tangible buzz when shared by guests among colleagues. If print is too expensive, a well-designed e-invitation will also work.

Serve refreshments

Corporate catering doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive, there are plenty of affordable caterers like Noosh in Brisbane ( Depending on the size of the party and time of day, you can offer donuts and coffee for a mid-morning presentation, a catered buffet lunch, or a sit-down full service dinner to wine and dine your guests. Food is generally a sure-fire way to get invitees to attend.

Prepare a presentation

Even if you plan only to greet guests and show them the product on display, plan ahead. Decide what to wear and be sure to smile a welcome. Demonstrate the product in an attractive setting that makes it accessible for guests’ close observation, allowing hands-on interactivity if feasible. Have small brochures or half-sheet posters of product information that guests can take with them, along with a website address for further details.

Consider amenities

Decide whether you want to play recorded background music or hire a live group to perform classic or contemporary music. Arrange for a parking valet and coat check person, if applicable. Signage may be needed for events in large facilities. Table floral arrangements to go with the theme or décor can add a nice touch.

Plan a follow-up

Have an idea as to how you want guests to follow up about the product after your event. Do you want them to browse the website or be contacted by a salesperson? Should they just wait for the product to be sold on the market? Whatever your plan, orient the guests to it at your presentation.

Planning a corporate product debut is a great way not only to showcase your product, but also to network with prospective clients and develop a following for your product line. with minimal effort and a reasonable budget, you can launch your new product to a waiting public in a grandiose manner that will be memorable and lucrative.

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