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Are you aware that Instagram recently introduced an amazing update that gives you the chance to record or post 60-second videos? This is a drastic increase from its former 15-second videos. In addition, this forward thinking social network is bringing in unique video capabilities like video view counts and slow-motion potentiality, to stage. Instagram has portrayed remarkable growth over the past few years, and this has greatly improved the video content for many brands.

With Instagram’s main goal leaning towards video, video marketing will soon become a must-do for all businesses. Great brands are already taking advantage of the popular marketing strategy in communicating with their customers through creative, value-adding, and engaging approaches. In fact, 50% of the best Instagram videos result from brands and not individuals. This is the perfect time to start integrating your video marketing technique with the brilliant Instagram videos. If you are not convinced yet, here are some outrageous statistics to better explain why.

  1. Tremendous Increase in Instagram video postings

Image posts still dominate Instagram, but swift changes are taking place. An Instagram analysis by Quintly indicated that videos work out perfectly just like images.  The intensiveness of Instagram videos was very high last year, which clearly suggests that video content is gaining more popularity on social media platforms.

  1. Increase in time spent watching Instagram videos

People are increasingly interacting with video content on a daily basis. The platform’s emergent view-count ability is resourceful to all brands since they’ll be in a position to perform analysis on the value of video benefits.

Recent reports indicate that 47% of the significance in video campaigns is delivered within 3 seconds contrary to Facebook photos that take quite longer. Instagram tallies a view when a certain video has been watched for about three seconds, the same counting tactic as Facebook.

  1. Over 400 million Instagram users

With the highest number of active users, Instagram is turning out to be an exciting platform for many video designers and brands seeking reliable alternatives to YouTube. These incredible improvements have greatly boosted the video metrics and brands will be in a position to evaluate and extort valuable facts concerning the performance of their videos and utilize these details through their marketing campaigns.

If you really want to explore your brand’s new prospects, you should consider the services of a reliable video animator who will provide you with flawless videos that will substantially aid in telling your brand’s history while making your products and services more visible to the global market. Check out some premium video services and start connecting to your potential clients with amazing Instagram videos today!

  1. Top Instagrammers –The cornerstone of successful marketing campaigns

Currently, Instagram is saturated with video content. Research indicates that over 80 million videos & photos are posted on the platform on a daily basis. Coupled with the arrival of the emergent newsfeed algorithm, partnering with top Instagrammers to design stylish customized photos and videos can dramatically improve your brand’s visibility while helping you reach out to millions of people.  Since experienced agencies like Qudos Animations have spent years building valuable relationships with audiences on Instagram, collaborating with them for custom videos can significantly influence your customer engagement on the platform.

  1. Instagram Video marketing drives traffic

Undoubtedly, it’s the desire of every marketer to drive traffic to his/her site. And one of the most proven ways is through Instagram video marketing. You can effectively do this by embedding a video link that attracts more readers to your website.

  1. Instagram is really enjoyable

It’s incredibly exciting and can magnificently help you create more leads to your business while also improving people’s perception about your marketing tactics. You can have fun and boost your brand’s visibility over Instagram only by utilizing quality images. Shop for the best video animator to help you create the finest video animations that will certainly transform your business into a huge buying hub!

  1. There are numerous incredible Instagram marketing strategies for every business

Instagram marketing goes beyond just creating Instagram accounts and publishing the content on a monthly basis. If you want to boost your company sales and witness positive ROIs from your Instagram marketing strategies, you must be tactical in the delivery of your posts. Adhering to the below strategies will help your company develop a strong impression on Instagram:

  • Understand Your Audience. It’s crucial to develop content that reflects the values as well as interests of your business’s target demographic(s) so as to achieve your long-term Instagram branding success.
  • Embrace consistency.Create an identifiable aesthetic effect by posting regularly to engage and encourage your audience to come back for more content.
  • High-Quality Images work like magic.Ensure that you take your photos using a high definition professional camera so that the photos can be visually captivating. Also, take a few minutes to edit the content using a native Instagram editor or a reliable video editing tool.
  • Use the best Hashtags.Include trending Hashtags. This will help your potential customers easily locate your brand channel. Remember, uniquely branded Hashtags can go a long way in driving social conversations, establishing brand identity in the long run.
  • Engage with Followers.Collaborating with your followers on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter is the most effective way of increasing your content reach as well as turning your consumers into loyal brand ambassadors.
  • What about collaborating with top Instagrammers? Partner with Instagram’s most popular content creators. This is likely to effectively grow and expand your brand channel.


Advertising on Instagram gives a business several advantages: you can make a tailored landing page, have better control of your customer experience, expand your content’s reach and most importantly, measure your business results. If your revenue generation exceeds the cost of the ads, then your Instagram marketing strategy is working!

In today’s contemporary market, competition is fierce and things are changing quickly. It is imperative for a business to market properly. If you have not tried it, make a point of embracing customized videos that will announce your business presence in one of the most effective marketing platforms – Instagram.



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