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The Backyard Chicken Fountain

Davidson News: Frank Cardaropoli thinks he’s come up with an idea that will revolutionize the world … of back yard chicken raising. It’s called The Chicken Fountain, a no-fuss devi

Feeding Into The Backyard Chicken Trend

Today people care more about where their food comes from and how it is grown than ever before. At one time no one worried about the pesticides and ingredients in the food we ate. However, more people

Niche Biz: Backyard Storage

SalemNews.net: The sales brochures include small, colorful backyard storage sheds to deluxe 36- by 50-foot horse barns and whatever there is in between. Salem Structures LLC has been located at 2880 s

From Backyard Business To International Franchise

Dynamic Business: At the tender age of 16, Christine Taylor turned her passion for dog-care into a business operation, running a dog wash business out of her family’s backyard in suburban Brisb

Rentable Backyard in NYC

I live in the middle of nowhere and take my backyard for granted. New Yorkers, though, live in apartments and private, open, green space is at premium. Timeshare Backyard has stepped up to fill the ne

Niche Biz: Backyard Cat Boarding

Kathy Griffiths was ready for a change. Deciding it was time to do what she wants before it is too late, Kathy asked her husband to build her a cattery in their yard, reports Bay of Plenty Times. Call

Business is Booming for Backyard Farmers

LA Times: “Companies are sprouting up across the country, offering help building and maintaining backyard vegetable gardens for those who lack the time — or green thumb — needed to k

Office Pod – A Little Office In Your Backyard

Red Ferret reports that the OfficePOD is small self-contained mini office, designed for installation separate from the house. The pod is 2.1m square, it can be constructed very quickly and is fully se

Backyard Bizs Find Niche Market

The Salt Lake Tribune: Adam de Havenos didn’t know much about gardening when he moved to Utah from New York City, but it seemed a shame to let the small plot in the backyard of his Sugar House d

From Backyard Water Parks To Unishippers Franchise Owner, It’s All In A Day’s Work For Kevin Biagi

Franchising.com: Although Kevin Biagi purchased his first Unishippers franchise in 2002, he’s always been an entrepreneur at heart. As a child growing up in Huntington Beach, California, if Kevi