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3 Repair Tricks When You Are Having Computer Issues

For most people, being without their computer, even for a day, can be very detrimental to their business. Keep this trick list nearby for just those situations and contact a professional when you need

Virtual Mirror: Try On Glasses on Your Computer

Japanese eyeglass company Zoff has launched a new service on their website allowing users to try on glasses using a augmented reality virtual mirror . Using any computer with a web browser and webcam,

Turning Old Computer Cases into Stepping Stones

Courier-Life: Holmen businessman Mike Niles calls his new business venture Computer Plastics Recycled, or CPR, a name that fittingly describes what Niles is doing with discarded computer and televisio

Computer Game Meets Climbing Wall

Springwise: Designed for use in public places like museums and shopping malls, DigiWall is a climbing wall with high-end surround-sound whose grips include both lights and sensors that react when they

Computer Writing Via Eye Movement

Wall Street Journal: A scientist studying optical illusions discovered a way that people can write with their eyes in cursive script on a computer monitor—an innovation that could help severely

A Computer vs. A Puny Human Brain

Last week, Ken Jennings, the player with the longest winning streak on Jeopardy, and Brad Rutter, the biggest all-time money winner on Jeopardy, played two exhibition matches against IBM’s artif

Hackers Sell Flaws in Computer Code

NY Times: On the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta, two Italian hackers have been searching for bugs — not the island’s many beetle varieties, but secret flaws in computer code that gov

Computer Explorers Franchise Names Carol Hadley Its New President

FranchiseKey.com: Computer Explorers, a leading technology education franchise in the US, has announced that it is expanding its services under the leadership of Carol Hadley, its new president. Accor

Former Computer Explorers President Deb Evans Launches Franchise Operations Consulting Firm

MarketWatch: Deb Evans, the former President of Computer Explorers (CE), has launched a franchise operation consulting firm designed to help franchise companies develop peak performing franchisees. Ev

Computer Troubleshooters Is Offering A Reduction To Its Franchise Fee

The Irish Franchise Magazine: To help potential franchise owners to purchase a Computer Troubleshooters business, the company is offering to a reduction of 20 per cent to its initial franchise fee. As

Computer Services Franchise TeamLogic IT Places Top In Technology Category Of Franchise Business Review’s 2012 Franchisee Satisfaction Awards

FranchiseWorks.com: TeamLogic IT, a leading national provider of comprehensive computer-based services for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), today announces that it has ranked No. 1 in the Tec

Africa’s Own Tablet Computer

People in most countries may never see it, but Africa has welcomed a new competitor for the iPad. The tablet computer was invented by one of their own citizens. The tablet is called the Way-C –

iPad Eating Up Computer Sales

At first people wondered if the iPad would be undercut by competitors with a cheaper tablet, like Amazon’s Kindle, but it appears the opposite has happened. Not only are iPad sales on the rise,

Computer Explorers Expands To Vast New Market In China

Franchising.com: Computer Explorers, a Houston-based child technology education franchisor, is expanding to the world’s most populous country with a project that meets Chinese demand for U.S.-st

IBM’s Watson Super Computer Gets a Job

Wall Street Journal: Watson, the “Jeopardy!”-playing computer system, is getting a job. WellPoint Inc. and International Business Machines Corp. are set to announce a deal on Monday for th

Starting A Computer Based Franchise Business

Select Your Franchise (blog): When considering a franchise business involving computers you might first want to consider the broader technology industry to see what type of computer based business bes

Small Biz-Friendly Computers: HP vs Apple

Computer companies are beginning to understand that big business is not the only type of business they should try to reach. Small business may not need as many computers, but they are an important nic

IBM’s Watson Computer to Do Sales and Customer Support

Watson was the IBM supercomputer that played against Ken Jennings on Jeopardy last year. IBM has just announced that the next application for Watson is in sales and customer support. ExtremeTech has t

Teen Builds Homemade Computer

Tecca: [Jack Eisenmann] built an 8-bit computer out of microchips, a plastic Tupperware case, and tons of wires. Eisenmann’s computer, which he is calling the DUO Adept, runs a small operating s