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Entrepreneur Invents Lego For Electronics

Wamda: Lebanese entrepreneur Ayah Bdeir will now be able to bring snap-together electronics toys littleBits to a wider audience, thanks to a new round of $3.65 million in Series A funding from U.S. ve

Niche Biz: Electronics Charging Kiosk

Chicago Sun Times: His winning idea is to put cellphone-charging kiosks at malls, airports, grocery stores and other sites where people are in a hurry. A 10-minute charge at the Charge N Go kiosk woul

Entrepreneur Invents Lego For Electronics

Wamda: Lebanese entrepreneur Ayah Bdeir will now be able to bring snap-together electronics toys littleBits to a wider audience, thanks to a new round of $3.65 million in Series A funding from U.S. ve

Highlights: Consumer Electronics Show

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show is more about incremental upgrades than massive breakthroughs. And, of course, there are the tablets. Wired put together this video for a quick, two-minute over

First Care For Electronics, Jewelry

Moisture is the enemy of electronics and jewelry alike. It can cause your favorite necklace to tarnish, or it could make your cellphone stop working. First Care Bag is a special bag that you can store

How to Make Money from Old Electronics

Gazelle turns your old electronics into cash. At their website, they ask you questions about your old cellphone, MP3 player, digital camera, etc., and they immediately tell you what they’ll pay

Five Guys Burgers And Fries, Ultimate Electronics Schedule Appearances In Syracuse

The Post-Standard: Five Guys Burgers and Fries is coming to Syracuse in a big way. And an unpredictable one. We told you weeks ago — we’re always first, duh — about the iconic cha

An ATM For Recycling Consumer Electronics

Trendspotter Springwise is reporting that of the 140 million cell phones sold in the US in 2007, only 10% were recycled, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. That leaves a mounting pil

Invention Dries Out Wet Electronics

Struggling with hearing loss since she was a baby, Karen Wildman (left) knew a lot about drying out hearing aids from sweat, rain and other moisture. But when she realized she could apply her drying t

RadioShack Expands Electronics Trade-In Program To 4,400 Stores Nationwide

Franchising.com: RadioShack Corporation, as part of its ongoing commitment to making innovative electronics products and platforms more accessible and affordable, today announced it has expanded its e

Russian Electronics Chain Launches 5 New Hypermarkets

RosBusinessConsulting: Tehnosila, the Russian home electronics retail chain, invested $12.5m in the launch of 5 hypermarkets covering a total area of 14,400 square meters in Russian regions, bringing

NEXT Plans 3,500 Consumers Electronics, IT Products Stores

Economic Times: Aiming to touch a turnover of Rs 10,000 crore in the next three years, consumer electronics chain NEXT Retail India plans to open 3,500 new outlets by 2010, including exclusive stores

Chinese Electronics Retailers Quickly Expand

China Tech News: The China Chain Store and Franchise Association says that the total sales of China’s top 100 chain stores and franchisers reached RMB855.2 billion in 2006, an increase of 25% ov

Tsifrograd A Mobile Electronics Retail Network Purchased A Franchising Partner Technocom

AK&M: Tsifrograd a mobile electronics retail network purchased a franchising partner Technocom shops network, said in Tsifrograd‘s announcement. Now re-execution of rental contracts for 21 s

Keeping Employees Happy Using Rewards Programs in the Modern World

Whenever people talk about employee benefits, they automatically think about the things like maternity and vacation leaves. Of course, most employees expect health insurance and a cash bonus every now

Business Leaders Are Changing the Throwaway Culture

For years, businesses around the globe have been involved in a throwaway culture. In plain English terms, if something was broken, or merely out of date, we simply discarded it without a second though

6 Innovative Apps for Buying and Selling Used Products

Unlike department stores with brand new items, second-hand shops let you find that unique discounted item you can’t find in any assembly line retailer store. Some days, however, you just don't want

Now You Really Can Work from Anywhere—Including Working at Sea

The world of telecommunication has made it possible for anyone to work from anywhere—including working at sea. Mobility is the wave of the present and the future. CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business o

Junk Removal Vancouver: A Small-Business Success Story

If you're an entrepreneur still looking for the right business to get into, consider following the lead of Junk Removal Vancouver. They have made their company one of the most prominent cleaning agenc

What Is a White Label, and Why Should You Care?

The term "white label" refers to a product that is made by one company and sold to other companies for them to sell as if they had made it themselves. The phrase can be traced back to the days of viny