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The Market Gardener: A Successful Grower’s Handbook for Small-scale Organic Farming

Les Jardins de la Grelinette is a micro-farm located in eastern Quebec, just north of the American border.

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Ladderlimb – New Luce Farmer’s Brilliant Invention Set To Go Global

Dropping a tin of paint all over the kitchen floor two years ago when up a ladder led to 54-year-old New Luce farmer Alistair Taylor having a ‘light bulb’ moment that could see his innovative ‘Ladderlimb’ invention selling all over the world.


Farming Electricity From Cow Manure

Working through environmental regulations, utility contracts and bank-loan requirements was one challenge; persuading farmers to get on board was another.


Meet the Salt Farmers

From the outside, Midge Jolly’s newest salt house looks like an igloo that went long instead of domed.


Using Server Farms to Heat Homes

To satisfy our ever-growing need for computing power, many technology companies have moved their work to data centers with tens of thousands of power-gobbling servers.


Niche Market: Small-Scale Farmers

Dave Ernst earned certified organic farming status this summer — the culmination of several years of careful preparation and scrupulous record-keeping.


Niche Biz: Farm Websites

Huntley said a Web site gives farmers exposure they might not otherwise have, particularly when they’re looking for a farm through a search engine.


Alligator Farming is Big Business

If Senator Brad Hutto’s Captive Alligator Propagation Act passes the legislature, South Carolina would become the fifth state to allow commercial alligator farming after Florida, Georgia, Texas and Louisiana.


History of the Ant Farm

Scientists claim ants can carry more than 50 times their body weight.


Fresh Idea For Shellfish Farm

On a recent sunny morning off Long Beach, Philip Cruver throttled down his boat at the spot where his company expects to develop the first shellfish ranch in federal waters.

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