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Fish Farming: Today’s Business Ideas in the News

How do we make fish farming appetizing, and more in today's Business Ideas in the News.

High Tech Farmers Need High Tech Repairs

When modern tractors break, it can be a hard pill to swallow for farmers, who have been maintaining their own equipment since the plow.

Do You Own A Farm Here Are Some Amazing Profit-Generating Ideas

As a farm owner, you will be aware of how today’s tough market is affecting your industry. Supermarket chains try their best to get as much produce from you without paying much. And consumers lo

Oyster Farming is Big in Today’s Business Ideas in the News

What do oyster farming and chocolate have in common? They both appear in today's Business Ideas in the News

People Pay Farmers to Let Their Dogs Herd Sheep

Does your lazy, overweight house dog dog tire of sleeping at the end of your bed and waiting patiently for you to arrive home each night really yearn to be a sheep dog? Probably. And, since people wil

Niche Dating Site: French Farmers

NY Times: Patrick Maignan, a robust gray-haired farmer, lives alone on his farm, surrounded only by the freshly plowed wheat fields of this lonely corner of northern France. The New York Times The lac

Chinese Inmates Farm for Gold

Gold farming a series of monotonous tasks in online games like World of Warcraft that can be done to generate in-game gold that can then be sold for real dollars. This is the first I’ve heard of

Haunted Houses Saving Family Farms

Did you know that haunted houses and pumpkin patch are saving the family farm? The Wall Street Journal has a very interesting article up today about this trend: Glenn Boyette used to be afraid he̵

Will Agritourism Save Family Farms?

NY Times: For all the talk about sustainable agriculture, most small farms are not self-sustaining in a very basic sense: they can’t make ends meet financially without relying on income from jo

Farmers Of The Future Won’t Have To Drive Their Tractors

According to Grand Forks Herald, the next time you see a field being tended by a farmer, he probably won’t be driving the tractor. Initially, the tractors will be primarily for tillage. Theyâ