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Could You Be a Street Food Vendor?

If you’re a bit of a foodie and you love cooking for others, then street vending might be right up your alley.

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Crazy Food Inventions

The editors at Esquire mined Google Patents for the strangest culinary creations going back to 1935, then looked into whether they’re being produced today.


The Wean Machine Mashes Food For Babies On The Go

The Wean Machine makes fresh healthy babyfood wherever you are.


Food-Friendly Wine Niche

There are arguably few more potent winery teams in the Okanagan than Joie Farm’s Heidi Noble and Michael Dinn.


3D Printed Food

The newest 3-D food printer, now being honed at Cornell Creative Machines Lab, can produce: tiny space shuttle-shaped scallop nuggets; and cakes or cookies that, when you slice into them, reveal a special message buried within, like a wedding date, initials (image below) or a corporate logo.


A Robot That Chews It’s Own Food and Goes to the Bathroom

Scarcity of electricity and abundance of waste are serious global challenges.


Iraqi Restaurants Now Serving More American Food

Diners sitting at outdoor tables among the date palms would occasionally hear the sounds of rockets flying overhead, often aimed at the Green Zone on the other side of the Tigris River.


Poutine is Coming to A Fast Food Restaurant New Year

Burger King offers it, but only in Canada.


Niche Biz: Breathable Food

AeroShot, the flagship product of Breathable Foods, is revolutionizing the way people energize their lives.


Redesigning The Food Bowl

Bollengier, 39, said he carried the idea for the “CaliBowl” with him through stints in pro baseball and modeling and into his adult life as a contractor and father of four.

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