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Getting Your Business on Google My Business Before It Even Opens  

In this post, we offer a quick guide on how to get into the local pack on Google My Business. From there, you can get to the top positions on the biggest search engine there is.

New App, EmailAnalytics, Is Like Google Analytics for Gmail

The makers of EmailAnalytics are hoping to do for Gmail management what Google Analytics did for web traffic. The program includes an innovative data visualization tool designed to help you understand

Learn Digital Marketing Skills FREE via Google Primer

Learn Digital Marketing Skills FREE via Google Primer Yesterday I received an email in my inbox from Google Primer. I was not too sure what Google Primer was but the email insisted, “Primer is a fas

7 Power Tips to Get Your Google Shopping Campaigns Ready for Black Friday

Source: Shopify Ah, holiday shopping season. It’s what many online merchants live for—the 6-8 weeks when sales go through the roof. Consumers will soon flock to the web, credit card in hand, eager

Why Every Website Owner Needs Google Analytics

If you have an online business, you really should be using Google Analytics. For starters you can learn the following: How many people visit my website? Where do my visitors live? Do I need a mobile

How Google Will Change Wireless Internet

Google's getting into the wireless internet business, and the implications for you, and your business, are enormous.

Why is Google Building a Self Driving Car? Advertising!

The average American spends 101 minutes per day driving. There are 318.9 million people in the US. Every single day, 535,752,000 hours are lost to getting from point A to B. That's a lot of time for

Google Cars and Strange Food: Today’s Business Ideas in the News

What does an Icelandic brewery have to do with Google's self driving cars? They're both in today's Business Ideas in the News.

Fighting Fire With Google Glass

Meet Patrick Jackson. He’s a Google Glass Explorer, developer and firefighter from Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Patrick is building Glassware that he hopes could one day help firefighters everyw

20 Ways to Improve Your Google-Fu

via Mashable, who ads: Smart Googling requires finesse, a keen eye, some Boolean tricks, and a bit of jena se qua we like to call Google-Fu. Infographic by OnlinePhD.org.

What You Can Learn From Google

Google is well-known for the way they treat their employees. While the average business cannot afford to feed their employees three meals a day, among other benefits, USA Today does have some ideas yo

Robot Cars: Google Testing Same Day Delivery

The day is soon coming when you’ll click “buy it now” on a website and the product will be delivered to you the same day. Google’s robot cars will bring it to you. Google is no

WhatRunsWhere Ad Tracking Tool For Google

WhatRunsWhere, the year-old service that enables advertisers and ad agencies to track competitors’ online and mobile ad campaigns, has launched WhatRunsWhere Advantage, a stand-alone service de

Google’s Infrastructure

A look at Google’s colorful infrastructure.

Google in 1960

If it was the 1960s and I started Google, it would work something like this: 1. I’d advertise in the back of Popular Science magazine. 2. Users would send in a self addressed, stamped envelope.

Google Does A Little Spring Cleaning

According to CNET Asia, Google has decided to shut down a few off their services. Did you ever use any of these? iGoogle. This customizable home page for the Web was launched in 2005. It’s a com

Google’s New Role In Gadgets

The Wall Street Journal: Google’s new Nexus Q home-entertainment device—a black orb, looking somewhat like a Magic 8-ball— was internally designed and will be manufactured in the U

Google Maps Going 3D

Soon you will be able to search through a city using an aerial view. That search will be in 3D if you’re using Google Maps, reports CNet. Both Google and Apple now have technology to create 3D m

Google Is At It Again: KikScore

It is every entrepreneur’s dream. First you create a new startup with a lot of promise, then Google comes in and buys it from you. According to The Washington Post, that is exactly what happened

Inventor Behind Google Voice Moves On To Conference Calls

VentureBeat: UberConference allows teleconferencers to dial a number (no PIN required), see who is calling in, and determine who is currently talking. The organizer can instantly tell when one or more