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Health and Fitness Tips for Business Owners

The life of an entrepreneur is thrilling. However, the long days, poor nutrition, and lack of sleep will eventually take a toll on the state of your health. Part of being a successful business owner i

How to Start an Independent Primary Health Care Clinic

While many new medical graduates prefer working for a hospital or firm, others would rather be more independent. Starting a primary health care clinic is a great idea, because it offers a ton of flexi

4 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Needs Business Health Insurance

If your company is a small business, most likely you yourself are the business. And if you don’t have health care insurance, not only is your health at risk, so is your business. Act today to pro

Live Healthy with Your Own Anytime Fitness Franchise

Outside of anything having to do with the Internet, health is the buzzword of the times that we live in. That’s what makes fitness-based franchise opportunities, like Anytime Fitness, so appealing t

Invest in a Healthy Vending Franchise

Behind every vending machine there’s an entrepreneur like you who is reaping the benefits of an impulse-buying business.

Ice Cream as Health Food: Business Ideas in the News

Not just healthy ice cream, but actual ice cream as health food and more, in today's Business Ideas in the News.

Tackling the Most Common Health Issues in the Workplace

Stress We live in a fast moving world. The added pressures at work can add up to a lot of stress and result in a myriad of problems. When employees are unhappy, they are more likely to turn to substan

Employment Tips for Healthcare Professionals Who are Relocating to the Uk

With both private and state funded health care prominent in the United Kingdom there are a wealth of employment opportunities for those with the right qualifications and experience. If you are one of

Are Healthy Employees Happy Employees?

“Health is wealth,” goes the old adage, and with today’s very busy and often fast-paced lifestyles, this becomes even more relevant. As more and more people find themselves working extended hour

Standing Desks: The Healthier Historic Alternative

In the the 18th and 19th centuries, nearly everyone used a standing desk, like the one that Ernest Hemingway is using the in the inset photo, and today they’re coming back in style as their heal

Healthcare Startups Improving Health Care Access in Rural Areas

One of the cornerstones of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 was improving access to health care in areas that are traditionally underserved. By making it easier for people in rem

Technology – Is It Making Us All Unhealthy?

Working in an office environment can be harmful to your health. Striking the correct work life balance in the 21st century can be a constant battle, and never more so than with the development of mobi

How Healthy Is Your Small Business?

Not sure how healthy your small business is? Take a look at some advice from the Herald Sun. IS YOUR BUSINESS UP AND COMING? A NEW business needs a proper financial, operational and legal structure to

Green Initiatives, Health and Financial Benefits; Why You Should Choose to Cycle to Work

There are so many good reasons to jump on your bike to work, rather than jumping in the car. We have seen around a 40% rise in the numbers of commuters travelling by bicycle to work in the US. However

Niche: Healthy Vending Geared Toward Kids

SeacoastOnline.com: It is no secret that childhood obesity and its associated risk factors have become a great cause for concern across the United States in recent years, but self-described social ent

What’s Wrong with Medicine? Too Much Healthcare

Reuters: Here is a diagnosis of what’s wrong with health care in America, straight from the horse’s mouth: There’s too much. In a new poll of primary care physicians, nearly half of

Useful Tips for Keeping Your Staff Healthy and Working Productively

One of the first things any business person needs to learn is how to keep their staff working productively. In part, this can be done by motivating them, rewarding them well and keeping them intereste

Little Known Benefits of Health Insurance

Accidents, injuries and illnesses occur all the while, so much so that we all know at least one person from our extended families who’s battling serious health troubles. Health insurance has sl

Niche Health: Pain-Free Needles

When is the last time you were jabbed with a needle in the name of health care? One inventor hopes to relieve some of that pain. Oliver Blackwell says his pain-free needle could be used in millions of

Health Care Taps ‘Mystery Shoppers’

WSJ: When James Loden, an ophthalmologist, recently peered into a patient’s eyes, he was evaluating her for laser surgery to correct her vision. But her eyes were sharp enough to have already sc