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How an Internet Faxing Service Gives Your Business a Polished Look

Have you covered all of your bases in giving your biz a polished look? What might be missing?

How Google Will Change Wireless Internet

Google's getting into the wireless internet business, and the implications for you, and your business, are enormous.

Ready for Billions of Devices to Join the Internet?

In the next few years, billions of machines are going to connect to the internet. What does this mean for you?

How to Make Money on the Internet

Thanks to the internet, money is now free — if you are smart enough to where know to look for it. Or, if you are dumb, but have a smart friend who showed you this chart.

How to Market Your Plumbing Company on the Internet

A plumber asked for internet marketing help. What kinds of contrarian advice does Dane give him?

Prisoners Internet Entrepreneurs

Escapist Magazine: Anyone who’s seen The Shawshank Redemption knows that it can be hard for people who’ve been institutionalized for most of their life to integrate back into a free societ

The Facts About the Cost of Business Internet

Internet access is mandatory for modern business, but far too many small and medium sized business owners believe that a standard consumer connection is enough for their needs. From issues with data c

Could Morse Patent The Internet?

Samuel Morse may have come long before the invention of the Internet, but that didn’t stop him from trying to patent the basic idea behind it, reports The Wall Street Journal. This would have be

When The Internet Is Down, Do You Feel Like This?

Angela’s internet is down (and it’s her birthday) so posting will be light today.

The Impact That the Internet has Made on Business

For more than a century businesses have worked mainly from a shop, where customers would come into the store and purchase products. Advertisements only initially appeared through posters, billboards a