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The Importance of Great Packaging for Your Internet Sales

It's essential for shipped products to be appealing. After all, they’re the only tangible interaction your e-commerce store has with a customer. Therefore, you need to find ways to pamper that custo

The Internet: Pathway to Fame and Fortune—or a Closing Window of Opportunity?

The Internet is the way to fame, fortune and the gilded lifestyle you have always dreamed of, right? You can slap up a website, place your products on there and wait for the wads of cash to roll in, r

How an Internet Faxing Service Gives Your Business a Polished Look

Have you covered all of your bases in giving your biz a polished look? What might be missing?

How Google Will Change Wireless Internet

Google's getting into the wireless internet business, and the implications for you, and your business, are enormous.

Ready for Billions of Devices to Join the Internet?

In the next few years, billions of machines are going to connect to the internet. What does this mean for you?

How to Make Money on the Internet

Thanks to the internet, money is now free — if you are smart enough to where know to look for it. Or, if you are dumb, but have a smart friend who showed you this chart.

How to Market Your Plumbing Company on the Internet

A plumber asked for internet marketing help. What kinds of contrarian advice does Dane give him?

Prisoners Internet Entrepreneurs

Escapist Magazine: Anyone who’s seen The Shawshank Redemption knows that it can be hard for people who’ve been institutionalized for most of their life to integrate back into a free societ

The Facts About the Cost of Business Internet

Internet access is mandatory for modern business, but far too many small and medium sized business owners believe that a standard consumer connection is enough for their needs. From issues with data c

Could Morse Patent The Internet?

Samuel Morse may have come long before the invention of the Internet, but that didn’t stop him from trying to patent the basic idea behind it, reports The Wall Street Journal. This would have be

When The Internet Is Down, Do You Feel Like This?

Angela’s internet is down (and it’s her birthday) so posting will be light today.

It’s Not Too Late to Start an Internet Business

It’s Not Too Late to Start an Internet Business 1985 Can you imagine how awesome it would have been to have been an entrepreneur in 1985 when almost any dot com name you wanted was available? Al

The Impact That the Internet has Made on Business

For more than a century businesses have worked mainly from a shop, where customers would come into the store and purchase products. Advertisements only initially appeared through posters, billboards a

The Cuban Internet

Only about 2% of Cubans can get online (although that could change thanks to the recent arrival of a fibre-optic cable from compañero Chávez in Venezuela), but it doesn’t matter. You don

Internet Defamation Should Put a Stopper in Your Big Mouth

The only thing worse than receiving a letter in the mail from an attorney is opening it up and discovering that you are being sued. In this, the age of easy publishing to the internet, it is easier th

Internet Company to Get You Offline

Forbes: Uniiverse co-founder and CEO, Craig Follett, wants to get you off of your computer and out into the real world. The new internet company he co-founded isn’t a traditional social-network

Internet Business Is Like Chess

When you think of chess, The need for strategy is apparent. The same can be said about running an Internet business. That is something Drew Sharma knows a lot about. Sharma got hooked on building web-

How to Use the Internet to Build Professional Connections

In the financial world, it is important to make professional connections with other successful investors. For example, asset management firms need to build relations with companies that handle private

GlowCap: Internet Connected Pill Bottle Caps

Vitality makes a cap for prescription pill bottles called the GlowCap: The device is simple. When a patient is prescribed a medication, a physician or pharmacy provides a GlowCap to go on top of the p