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Inventor Stirs Up Kitchen Gadget Market

A project that began in response to a lumpy bowl of Malt-O-Meal is now, after nearly a decade of tinkering in his spare time, ready to hit the market.

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Rent a Kitchen, From Unemployed to Rental Cook

What pushed Priscilla Maddox was the relentless smell of vanilla.


Kitchenware Bamboo Waste Niche

What do you get when you compress leftover bamboo sawdust, rice starch and a plant-based binder?


Thai Restaurantneur Reaches From The Kitchen To Store Shelves

Little Thai Place Restaurants offer authentic, affordable Thai cuisine in the Greater Victoria area.


Healthy Restaurant: Lyfe Kitchen

If you were looking to build the next great restaurant chain, surely you’d start with a burger.


For The Love Of Kitchens

“We decided to focus on kitchens, because that allows us to offer the best design and prices,” Meacham said.


Aussie Mum’s Kitchen Table Games Empire

Janene Samuel, 42, invented the Gametag after her young kids kept losing their Nintendo DS games, costing her close to $100 every time.


Consignment For Your Kitchen

“Who can really spend a fortune at William Sonoma right now?” Hilliard said.


Idea: Conflict Kitchen

The food is served out of a take-out style storefront, which will rotate identities every 4 months to highlight another country.

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