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Laptop, Chromebook or Tablet: What’s Best for Business?

Computers are an essential part of just about any business, but with all of the options on the markets these days, it can be difficult to work out exactly what you need. This quick guide will help you

RIP Bill Moggridge: The Man Who Created The Modern Laptop

The Telegraph: Mr Moggridge, a British industrial designer, was credited with creating the flip-open form of the modern laptop that is common today. His computer design, the Grid Compass, had a keyboa

A Recyclable Laptop

Some graduate students from Stanford University have used Autodesk Inventor software to create a prototype for a recyclable laptop reports Electronics News The students from Stanford and Finland’s A

Laptop Risers

Sometimes you see a simple solution to a problem and you just want to share it. Someone over at RealSimple.com got the great idea of placing two rubber doorstops under a laptop computer. The extra ele

Re-Feel To Service Laptops

CIOL: Diversifying its product portfolio, Re-feel is gearing up to enter the laptop services business by June this year, marking its venture into mainstream IT segment. “By June we will be enter

Netbooks Replacing Laptops?

photo credit: wstryder This new year has been several times called the year for innovation. For upgrading less than perfect products and so on. Netbooks is definitely on a rise in sales and quite poss

Employees Buy Own Laptops, Phones For Work

USA Today: Many employees – frustrated that their companies are unwilling to pay for the laptops, cellphones and other electronic devices that they want on the road – are spending their own money

eBay Bans Vista Hacked Laptop From Auction Site

eBay Delists Compromised Vista Laptop | WebProNews There are a few things that we all know are banned from eBay: alcohol, guns, dead bodies. And it seems we can add “hacked computers” to t

BBP Hybrid Messenger/Backpack Laptop Bag

CNN Money: For years I’ve been looking for a bag with compartments for all my gadgets that I could take on a plane or into a boardroom. With the BBP hybrid, I’ve finally found it – a

Safe-Clik-N-Grip Laptop Strap

CNet: Here’s a nifty device that makes life a lot easier for execs who spend more time in the air than on the ground. Even those of us who travel on the occasional job junket will have gone thro

Laptop Essentials Kit

Brookstone: Six laptop tools that make every business trip more productive. Now you can set up an office in a hotel room, on a plane, or at the corner café. All accessories simply plug into the USB

Universal Laptop Battery

Brookstone: Eight extra hours of laptop power. Rechargeable, universal laptop battery gives you extended power on the road, in the air–even at home. Enjoy the wireless Web wherever you are: hotels,

Matias Aluminum Laptop Armor

Business 2.0 Magazine: James Bond would love the Matias. The aluminum skin gleams like an Aston Martin and can protect your laptop as well as anything devised by Q. Customizable padding offers a snug

Timbuk2 Small Custom Laptop Messenger

Business 2.0 Magazine: Talk about individuality. Timbuk2 lets you custom-build your bag: Small, medium, or large? In subtle gray or deep gold? Want an external smartphone holster or an iPod case for a

Laptops Replacing Conversation In Coffeehouses

The Capital Times: Graduate student and professional photographer Erick Danzer is a coffee shop junkie. One recent day he was at Electric Earth Cafe off Regent Street from 10 a.m. until it closed at 1

Elevator Laptop Stand

LifeHacker: Hot laptops need ventilation, and they take up desk real estate when you’re using an external keyboard and mouse. The Griffin Elevator laptop stand gets your lappie off the table, at

Marketing With Your Laptop

Shirley Frazier at Solo Business Marketing: When I bought my first laptop computer late last year, I considered it an investment in my business. I didn’t consider my laptop to be a marketing tool, u

Smart Tips for Better Small Business Cyber Security

If you run a small business you need to start treating your cyber security as a serious issue. On one hand you have increasingly sophisticated criminal hackers. On the other there are tighter laws and

Do You Want to Start Your Own Business? Pros and Cons

Are you one of those people who will be satisfied with nothing less than owning your own business? Are you convinced that working on someone else's dreams is just not for you? However strongly you fee

Working Smart: The Perfect IT Tech When You’re Working from Home

If you’re starting a business opportunity from home, people are probably constantly telling you how much time and hard work you're going to have to do. While that might be true, there’s an old ada