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What’s Wrong with Medicine? Too Much Healthcare

Reuters: Here is a diagnosis of what’s wrong with health care in America, straight from the horse’s mouth: There’s too much. In a new poll of primary care physicians, nearly half of

Vending Machines to Sell Live Bait and Prescription Medicine

WSJ: Long a cultural icon, the vending machine is fading from the American landscape. The numbers are bleak: Traditional vending machines disappeared from 134,000 locations between 2007 and 2010, acco

Concierge Medicine is the Future

Business Week: An anxious woman in her mid-40s showed up last winter at Atlas MD, a family doctor’s office in Wichita. She had lost her job as a restaurant cook, and along with it her health in

Looking for Cheaper Medicine, He Found a Biz Idea

The Washington Post: They say there are markets for everything, but health care has historically been a tough one to navigate. Prices for services and drugs vary widely among providers, and it’

Concierge Medicine

In the video below is a PBS News Hour segment above on “concierge medicine,” Texas doctor Raymond Solis who recently converted his 21-year-old traditional medical practice of 3,000 patient

Making Generic Medicine Hip

Business Week: Help Remedies is fast becoming a case study in the triumph of branding. Co-founders Richard Fine and Nathan Frank are doing for generic drugs what American Apparel did for plain T-shirt

The Key To Medicine Safety

No one wants to believe their children or grandchildren will get into their medicine. Unfortunately, it happens. Michael Rebando’s daughter was only two years old when she climbed up to where he

Booming Biz Helps Patients Navigate Medicine

Associated Press: After three surgeries, Judy Sherer still had chronic pain in her left shoulder. She’d lost faith in her doctors, and in despair tried a new health benefit offered by her employ

Private Medicine in Canada

A Short Course in Brain Surgery highlights the plight of an Ontario man with a cancerous brain tumor who crossed the border to the U.S. to get the medical care that is rationed in his home country. He

Medicine Shoppe Arabia Opens Flagship Store In Dubai

Bi Me: Total community healthcare services have arrived in Dubai with the official opening of the Medicine Shoppe Arabia flagship store at the Dubai Healthcare City. Spanning a total of 5,700 square f