What’s Wrong with Medicine? Too Much Healthcare

Here is a diagnosis of what’s wrong with health care in America, straight from the horse’s mouth: There’s too much.


Vending Machines to Sell Live Bait and Prescription Medicine

Long a cultural icon, the vending machine is fading from the American landscape.


Concierge Medicine is the Future

Business Week: An anxious woman in her mid-40s showed up last winter at Atlas MD, a family doctor’s office in Wichita.


Looking for Cheaper Medicine, He Found a Biz Idea

They say there are markets for everything, but health care has historically been a tough one to navigate.


Concierge Medicine

Texas doctor Raymond Solis who recently converted his 21-year-old traditional medical practice of 3,000 patients to a concierge-based practice serving just 400 patients.


Making Generic Medicine Hip

Help Remedies is fast becoming a case study in the triumph of branding.

Medicine Shoppe International

A pharmacy franchise.


The Key To Medicine Safety

Boccia said the general public is beginning to be aware of the prescription-drug-abuse problem, but he said MedSafe is working closely with DARE, Drug Free America Foundation and other anti-drug organizations.


Booming Biz Helps Patients Navigate Medicine

After three surgeries, Judy Sherer still had chronic pain in her left shoulder.


Private Medicine in Canada

A Short Course in Brain Surgery highlights the plight of an Ontario man with a cancerous brain tumor who crossed the border to the U.S.

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