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How to Make Money in the Restaurant Business: 10 Valuable Strategies

Regardless of your operation's size, type or location, turning a profit in the restaurant business is always a challenge. That's because you have to stay on top of everything from inventory and staff

The Importance of Finding the Right Suppliers for Your New Restaurant

It’s the dream of everyone who has ever whipped up a meal for their family and friends and been told that the meal was a ringing success: starting one’s own restaurant. Many people have this dream

4 Tips for Surviving the First Year in the Restaurant Business

4 Tips for Surviving the First Year in the Restaurant Business If you enjoy working with others, you may want to get into the food industry. The National Restaurant Association states there are 1.6 mi

7 Skills You Simply Must Have to Succeed as a Restaurant Manager

Managing a restaurant may not be at the top of the list when it comes to demanding and exciting careers. But successful restaurant managers have racked up years of experience and have a surprising num

Tilit Chef Goods: Clothing for Today’s Chefs and Restaurants

Source: Shopify After 17 years in kitchens, I sought to create a new source for clothing and community for today’s chefs and restaurants. While working full time as private chef to Jerry Seinfel

Tips for Opening A Successful Restaurant Business

This is a guest post from Mason Bruce. He started his culinary adventure a couple of years ago and he tells us, “Despite the hard work and long hours, I am so glad I took the leap into opening my ow

How Dining Tastes and Restaurant Trends Are Changing

The hottest flavors and fads of last year are slowly being moved out of menus as newer and more exotic flavors are needed to get diners in the door.

Restaurant Loyalty Programs Can Be Your Next Home-Based Business Opportunity

Restaurants can be a tricky business. You can have the best food, the best service and the best atmosphere, and it’s still possible that people won’t come to fill up the seats. It’s difficult to

The 5 Hottest Restaurant Franchise Trends

There are many great franchise opportunities out there, but some may be a better fit for you, your management style and finances, and your location.

Top Restaurant Franchises To Own

Instead of starting a business from scratch, invest your money into one of this year's best restaurant franchises.

Pretzel Restaurants, Thanksgiving Potato Chips and More, Today’s Business Ideas in the News

Why make an entire Thanksgiving dinner when you can just open a bag of chips, or two: find out more in Today's Business Ideas in the News.

Doughnuts, Drones and Chinese Restaurant Robots: Today’s Business Ideas in the News

Meet Chef the cook, Bumblebee the greeter, and Fatty, the waiter in today's Business Ideas in the News.

Franchises Restaurants Are Under Attack From The Obama White House

One man’s opinion: The White House is out to destroy fast food franchising as we know it. By Jack Jordans. It’s long been the dream of liberals everywhere to make us all the same. Any skil

Love Meal Time on Airplanes? There’s a Restaurant for That

Taipei Times: It’s noon in Taipei, 5am in Paris and midnight in New York as I take my seat in economy class. The seatbelt and no smoking lights have been switched on and the monitor on the wall

Restaurant Offers Discounts For Ordering in a Funny Voice

A restaurant in Burbank, California called Not a Burger Stand has created a fun way of offering their customers discounts. Each week they draw a cartoon character on their chalkboard and encourage the

The First North Korean Restaurant in Europe

WorldCrunch: The meal is good. It’s Korean, nine courses (various mushroom dishes, black chicken soup, traditional barbecue, rice balls for dessert) and nicely presented – but no differe

Restaurant-Curated Picnics

Cassandra Daily: Washington, DC’s Hill Country BBQ launched delivery to the National Mall on Independence Day, and they’re keeping it up all summer long. Alfresco diners supply their own

Time to Start a Restaurant, Or a Restaurant Supply Business

According to the Consumer Expenditure Midyear Update from Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average American household’s restaurant spending has increased to the point at which it last was i

Restaurant Management Tips For the First Time Manager

As a restaurant manager, you have a difficult job. Often, your employees will demonstrate many of the same behaviors you do. A “do what I say, not what I do” approach to management is almo

Why Running a Restaurant is Getting Harder

A New York restaurant hired a firm to investigate why their service was getting slower. They published these results to Craigslist: We are a popular restaurant for both locals and tourists alike. Havi