Advertorial Testimonial

The following is a recent unsolicited testimonial for an interview-style advertorial.

May 15, 2009

I have had such an amazing and quantitative experience from this site I wanted to share it with others. Dane and his team have been kind and professional.

I have had many inquiries come from this interview, one of the best things it has done for me is earn me recognition and exposure people feel more comfortable when they see your name over and over again and a pic well, its worth a thousand words right! My page has been visited much more since the article was posted.

I had the chance to run into the founder of Lifemax, Sherri Wear, and what a great compliment when she recognized me and mentioned that she knew who I was due to the exposure from the article!! I was floored this was months after it was posted!

My business has multiplied itself rapidly, it has opened many doors for me, and now I am even coaching others on how to do the same! I am grateful and excited about today and tomorrow!

I have and will continue to recommend Dane Carlson’s Business Opportunities Weblog.

All the best to all of those with the courage to live out their dreams!

Angie C. Aller
[email protected]

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