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I’ve been blogging about business opportunities and ideas since 2001 and in that time we have posted over 26,000 different stories about people, from all walks of life and all over the world, that are engaged in their own unique businesses.


Happy Independence Day

Happy 4th of July from all of us at the Business Opportunities Weblog.


Make Recycling More Accessible By Charging for It

This is not just an eco-friendly possibility but would also be a profitable business, because unlike most municipal recycling programs, the business would charge consumers to pickup and remove their recyclables.

I Need Your Help

Dear Readers, I need your help.


Blast from the Past: May 27

This blog has been around since 2001, and if you haven’t been reading the entire time, you might have missed these posts on previous May 27ths.

How to Attract New Customers (and Keep Old Ones)

No matter what area of business you are in, if you don’t have customers than your business will eventually fail.

Top 100 Business Blogs

I made the Godot Top 98 Small Business Blogs List list at number 24.

Is the Site Faster and More Responsive?

I made some modifications to the website this evening that have hopefully made the site faster and more responsive.


This Isn’t a Post About my Fodder Business Opportunity

After nearly thirteen plus years of publishing the Business Opportunities Weblog, and funding everything with advertising, I’ve finally started selling my own little business opportunity.


You Really Need To See This Business

A couple days ago I first told you about the interesting little side business that I’d stumbled into selling machines that automatically grow barley fodder for animal feed.