Reader’s Mailbag: Doggie Biz

Harry writes, “Can you suggest websites where I might contact people already in a dog walking/dog sitting business?


Reader Mailbag: Canadian Money

I have a question about working from home.


How to Market Fake Vomit

I’m struggling in my marketing.


Ask the Readers: Standup Desks?

Does anyone use a standup desk?


What It’s Really Like to Run a B&B

My wife is interested in starting a Bed & Breakfast.


History of Pizza Delivery

Why is the pizza the only food you can get delivered?


Why You Don’t Want to Start A Coffee Shop

What do you think about starting a coffee shop?

New Ideas in the Medical Field?

I am looking for good and new ideas in the medical field to introduce into Europe.


Can You Just Build a Better Mousetrap?

Who said “Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door?”

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