Hollywood Tans

No matter where you live, there are people interested in an indoor tanning facility that they can use to get their own “perfect” tan.


American Food Store Franchise in Spain

Because of customs duties and shipping, products in Taste of America stores are more expensive than in most U.S.


Eco Biz

The ‘Sea Chair’ is made entirely from plastic recovered from our oceans.


Young Americans Bank

Kids these days can’t just drag a crate to the end of the driveway and call it a lemonade stand.


Success With Sandals

The most telling part of Juliette Bench’s office is a series of pictures, sketches and notes mounted above a fireplace across from her desk.


From Homeless To Biz Owner

When Hayley Miller ended up in a homeless hostel, she could have easily headed down the path of drugs and alcohol – just like many of the young people she was living with.


Young Entrepreneur Opens Own Biz

A new business opened this week on the increasingly bustling Bowen Road corridor.

Carpet Skate Bizop: Video

Fun Slide Skates are like sliding in socks on a hardwood floor.


Ethnic Food Markets

Locally owned specialty and ethnic grocery stores are holding their own in Southwest Florida, even as larger supermarket chains have opened new stores in recent years.


Halloween Stores: How Do They Work?

My wife mentioned earlier today that she received an email advertising Halloween costumes.

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