New Book: Small Town Rules

In their new book Small Town Rules, Barry Moltz and Becky McCray reveal the seven “rural-style” solutions that have become invaluable to even the largest companies, most dominant brands, and most cosmopolitan businesses.


Take a Pill for Bedbugs

The technique is known as xenointoxication, which sounds like intergalactic beer pong but in medical pathology is Greek for “poisoning the guest.” In Dr.


Trade in Your Cellphone at a Vending Machine

ecoATM, a firm based in San Diego, thinks it has created.


How To Come Up With Business Ideas

The following is a guest post by Alex Genadinik.


How to Find Business Ideas

What is the most important activity you do in your business?


Turn Empty Space Into A Sporting Business Opportunity

Ever since I was a paper boy slinging newspapers on peoples porches, I have always wanted to own my own business.

Niche Sport: Horse Boarding

Thrill seekers are competing in Britain’s latest extreme sports craze of ‘horse boarding’ – where participants are towed behind a horse at 35mph on an off-road skateboard.


The Perfect Photo Album

Picture Pages is a simple way to let people interact with real photos at their own pace.


Christmas Tree Seller Offers Camel Rides in the Summer

Since Al moved from Southern California to this rural North County town two months ago, the 7-year-old Arabian camel has spent much of the past two months adjusting to wet weather.


The End of Peak Oil

For decades, pundits have been trying to predict a tipping point for Peak Oil – when a sustained and unabated climb in oil prices sparks a near-collapse of the global economy.

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