Restaurant Offers Discounts For Ordering in a Funny Voice

A restaurant in Burbank, California called Not a Burger Stand has created a fun way of offering their customers discounts.


Why I Didn’t Think Of That

A selection of products to amuse and inspire.


30 Reasons Not to Start, Buy or Franchise a Business

If any of these thirty are your primary reason for wanting to start a business, perhaps you’d better reevaluate.


The Laser Toilet Paper Monitor

For people with more money than time comes the Roller Scout, a toilet paper holder that keeps track of your TP for you.


More Wacky Patents

Toe Puppets Next show after my pedicure.


A Joke iPhone Sticker Turns Into a Business

After Apple’s iPhone 4 press conference last week, Szymon Weglarski and Jon Dorfman, two designers from Brooklyn, decided they would have a little fun with the iPhone 4’s antenna problem.


The Right Pair Of Shoes

Shoe Dating is a singular service that helps people find love—as well as the right pair of shoes.

Video: Rube Goldberg-ian Page Turner

To some it may be a waste of time, to Joseph Herscher it is fun.


Cuddle Sessions For $1

Here’s a business idea for you: Jackie Samuel is charging $1 a minute for cuddle sessions.


Invention: The Flat-D Flatulence Deoderizer

Movie directors have made quite a bit of money exploiting the hilarity of the inappropriate fart.

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