Will Agritourism Save Family Farms?

For all the talk about sustainable agriculture, most small farms are not self-sustaining in a very basic sense: they can’t make ends meet financially without relying on income from jobs off the farm.

Urban Breakthrough: Pervious Concrete

Normally, when rain water lands on concrete, it pools or runs downhill until it reaches a storm drain that then pipes the water far away from the site of the initial downpour.


Vending Machines to Sell Live Bait and Prescription Medicine

Long a cultural icon, the vending machine is fading from the American landscape.


Woman Hatches A Fresh Business Idea

Some people dream about traveling, winning the lottery or retiring in comfort.


Use The ‘Puppy-Dog Close’

Take the so-called puppy-dog close, one of the most powerful sales techniques ever invented (and it’s totally based on customer experience).


How Are You Profiting from “Climate Change?”

Businesses see an opportunity to turn a buck just about anywhere – even in climate change.


The Startup Check List To Receiving Government Contracts

The 36-step Start Up Checklist app was designed to help individuals create a business and take advantage of the $80 Billion a year the United States government spends on small businesses.


Robot Chicken Butcher

The fastest human butchers can fully debone about 150 chickens per hour.


Create Your Own Chocolate Bar

Retailers have been using the Web as a way to let shoppers customize their products for a while now, most notably in the jewelry industry with companies like Blue Nile.

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