Christmas Freak Out Pays Off

Since the boy’s father posted the reaction video on YouTube three years ago, he’s made almost $5000 in royalties.


World Record Collection Of Santa Claus Memorabilia

I’ve been collecting since 1988,” he said.


More Small Businesses Trying E-Commerce

It’s a task she’s been working on for months, and one that has brought added challenges because of the delicacy and freshness of her product.


$11 Million Christmas Tree

Christmas tree decked out with dollars 11 million U.S.


Google Wooing Advertisers Via Phone

The Internet-search giant this year has hired several hundred sales representatives to call U.S.

Christmas Tree Powered By Electric Eel

According to Neatorama when an aquarium in Japan planned their holiday displays for Christmas, they decided to harness the natural talents of one resident: the electric eel.


This Christmas Elf Flies Off The Shelf

Carol Aebersold did this routine with a generic plastic elf dressed in red velveteen when her kids were growing up three decades ago, and she now has turned the family tradition into a multimillion-dollar operation.


Cards On Dice

Created by Carmelyn Calvert of Eldred with help from her best friend and business partner, Paula Johnson of Nutwood, the inventors call the game the “first deck of cards on dice.”

“The first prototype of the game was on painted blocks of wood,” Calvert said.


Holiday Shipping

Via: Laughing Squid


Rich’s Favorite Things

I’ve saved the best for last.

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