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Growing Prehistoric Plants

On the frozen edge of the Kolyma River in northeastern Siberia, in an ancient pantry harboring seeds and other stores, an Arctic ground squirrel burrowed into the dirt and buried a small, dark fruit from a flowering plant.

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Green Dry Cleaning

“Hydrocarbon doesn’t harm the human body, and there is no air pollution, contamination of the land or odor,” said owner Michael Koh.


Niche Biz Idea: Online Kit Kat Store

photo credit: friedtoast

If you’ve only ever eaten a Kit Kat in the United States, you’d have no idea that an entire world of candy goodness awaits you beyond our shores.


Redesigning The Food Bowl

Bollengier, 39, said he carried the idea for the “CaliBowl” with him through stints in pro baseball and modeling and into his adult life as a contractor and father of four.


International Movie Snacks

Having popcorn and candy at the movies?


Alligator Farming is Big Business

If Senator Brad Hutto’s Captive Alligator Propagation Act passes the legislature, South Carolina would become the fifth state to allow commercial alligator farming after Florida, Georgia, Texas and Louisiana.


Niche Biz: Untraceable Guns

A long line of people snaked out of a North County machine shop on a recent Sunday.


Niche Biz: Trash-Free Lunch Boxes

Patch: So you thought to create your own lunchbox?


Supersizing The Rubik Cube

He said: ‘The puzzle has never been solved, although people have solved virtual versions of it on the internet.


Immersive Theater

Habit, an immersive production self-described as “The Real World meets No Exit,” opens this fall not at a theatre but at Manhattan’s Essex Street Market.

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