Print Your Own Silver Jewelry

To print an object, users either use 3D modeling software and upload a model to the site or customize a pre-designed object.


Solving the World’s Problems for Profit

“A billion customers in the world,”


Chief Parenting

Chief Parenting is a movement dedicated to providing America’s youth with solid foundations of free enterprise-based business and socially-conscience leadership education, fostering their personal and professional career success.


How to Find Cheap Information Products to Sell Online

The Warrior Forum is a popular forum for internet marketers.


Crafty English Entrepreneur Sells Twigs as Toys

The eBay advertisement included a call-for-action reading: “Parents, how many times have you had to break up an argument over a twig?


Selling To The Wrong Customers Will Kill Your Startup

Failing to find the right audience for your business will guarantee a startup’s failure.


Own A Hockey Team

So far, Thompson says he has attracted 7,000 pledges with a value of $100 million, and that progress helped create a favourable impression after meetings with ownership representatives on Tuesday.


Cool Biz Idea: RecycleMatch

RecycleMatch seeks “to create an industrial ecosystem in which the use of energy and materials are optimized, waste is minimized, and there is an economically viable role for every product of a manufacturing process,” in the site’s own words.


Taking A Step Into Shoe Design

“We got a mob of women,’’ even though none of the footwear was for sale, says the Roslindale entrepreneur.

New Diet: Just Pump Your Stomach

Who would have thought that the future of weight loss might lie in the hands of the inventor of the Segway?

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