There’s Only One Moose Cheese

In Bjurholm, Sweden you’ll find the world’s only producer of moose cheese.


Niche Biz: Frequent Flier Pro

NY traveler who has tried to use frequent flier miles for a free ticket knows how frustrating that process can be.


Selling Extra Seats on Chartered Jets

A new service called JumpSeat seeks to pair spontaneous travelers with wealthier individuals and families who have already chartered a plane but want to lower their costs.

Video: 10 Bizarre Business Ideas That Made Millions

You’ve probably read most of these, but this video from All Time 10s is still a quick fun view.


Company Tricks Out Golf Carts

Sure, the economy might still be struggling, with unemployment above 7.5 percent statewide, but that hasn’t discouraged 70-year-old Stanley Deimler Sr., who will hold a grand opening Friday for his latest business venture.


Lake Sized Swimming Pools

“Live next to a Caribbean beach all year round, anywhere in the world….” The Chilean company Crystal Lagoons has succeeded in making this long overused dream cliche into reality by finding a way to treat the water in swimming pools hundreds of meters in size.


Wal-Mart’s First Advertisement

This is where it began in 1962.


$50 Per Month, For All the Movies You Can Watch, In a Theater

MoviePass is a new in-beta service that lets movie buffs watch as many movies in theaters as they want for $50 a month.


The Business of Nail Polish Collecting

They call themselves lemmings, and like those mythic rodents, whose herd mentality is said to be so strong as to lead them off cliffs, these women are united in a mission that, to outsiders, may seem baffling and even berserk: they collect old nail polish.


Simple Tips to Help You Promote Your Software

It is quite easy to end up creating wonderful software and not actually knowing what needs to be done in order to promote it.

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