Niche Product: The Rescue Reel

The device, called Rescue Reel, will retail for around $2,000.


Well-Known Inventions By Young Inventors: Earmuffs

A teenager into ice skating isn’t very unusual, and it doesn’t necessarily mark that teen out for future financial success.

Jogger’s New Best Friend: Flying Drone

Do you have trouble pacing yourself while running?

A Scratch and Sniff Business Suit

According to Marc Abrahams, the founder of the Ig Nobel Prize and the Annals of Improbable Research, some Korean businessmen own special suits that emit a pleasant aroma when rubbed.


Inventing For Over 50 Years

At 83, he has twice been called out of retirement to lend his brain to developing new and improved products.


A 26 Pound Gummy Bear!

Imagine the shock of your party goers when they realize that your 32,000-calorie gummy bear also features an integrated one-liter serving bowl!


Wrist Bands Maintain Hand Warmth Using Body Heat

HeatBands™ are an innovative new type of handwarmer originally designed for Raynaud’s sufferers, they are very thin, ultra light and unobtrusive they are worn around the wrist to leave the hands and fingers free and warm.


Battling Big Business

It’s been seven years since he showed Home Depot officials a saw guard he invented that allowed it to continue to cut lumber for its customers without having to shell out as much as $1 million annually to employees who lost fingers while offering the unique service.


Building A Better Robot

I prefer to walk, and know a lot of other people who prefer to walk,’’ said Lee, an avid golfer who is chief executive and chief designer at Wakefield-based FTR Systems Inc., which this week launched the CaddyTrek – an electronic caddy built with robotic technology – at the PGA Expo in Las Vegas.

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