Why Didn’t Something Think of This Before: Bicyclick

Sometimes, great ideas, whether for a new business or a new invention, seem so obvious once someone brings them to life that you wonder why didn’t I think of that?


The Redneck Wine Glass

America’s love affair with the irreverent, tacky and politically incorrect is making millions for at least one business.


Who Was Frank Sprague?

Two of his key inventions — the first electric motor that ran at a constant speed under various loads and the self-propelled train car–led to the trolleys and later, to commuter trains.


Inventor or Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur may also happen to be an inventor, or he or she may borrow something from working elsewhere, make a slight tweak to an existing product, or just change the way something is distributed.


Invention: Instant Wine Chiller

Wine goes from room temp to serving temp in seconds!


‎ $30 Plastic Device That Makes School Buses Run More Efficiently

Fuel economy is hardly the most popular subject among teenagers, but it’s a passion for 17-year-old Jonny Cohen, who’s found a way to save schools money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by increasing school bus fuel efficiency.

Facelift Bungee: The Temporary Mini Facelift

She looked into what a mini-facelift would cost.


3D Printed Meat Coming

An American start-up company has a solution for people who want to eat meat, but don’t want to harm animals either: 3D printed meat.


No Need To Pay Hospitals A Fortune With Handy Invention

You have to hand it to plucky Sun Jifa – who refused to let being left massively disabled by a freak explosion lose is grip on the family farm.

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