Everpurse: It’s A Purse And Charger

Smartphone owners have plenty of on-the-go charging options, from USB sticks to solar-powered backpacks.


Generating Light With Gravity

Did you know that there are currently over 1.5 billion people in the World who have no reliable access to mains electricity?


The Grow Bike Invention

Kids outgrow their bikes unless, that is, they grow with them.



Do you want a little less sun in your outdoor fun?


A Carpet To Detect Falls

A team at the University of Manchester in the UK has developed a carpet that can detect when someone has fallen over or when unfamiliar feet walk across it.


Superfocus Glasses For Astronauts

Superfocus glasses aim to help folks suffering from presbyopia.


Bed Making Invention

Tired of making your bed or your child’s bed each morning and annoyed by how much time it takes you?


Getting In Shape While Lighting Up The Home

A Peruvian scientist invented a system based on a stationary bicycle that can produce enough power to light up a house for nearly a whole day.


Fly Fighting Invention

Lorenzo Maggiore’s mission was to fund the production of a gun that kills bugs by shooting small amounts of table salt at them.

Mining Saltwater with Bacteria

In places like Singapore, where fresh water is scarce, one method to obtain drinking water is to filter out the salt from seawater.