Smart, Fullsize Lego Bricks

A company called Kite Bricks is out to disrupt the construction business starting with the humble brick.


Radio Tags To Detect If Kids Are At School

Grade-school students in a northeastern Brazilian city are using uniforms embedded with locator chips that help alert parents if they’re cutting classes, the city’s education secretary said Thursday.


Super Soaker Inventor Takes Aim At Solar Power

Johnson’s latest JTEC prototype, which looks like a desktop model for a next-generation moonshine still, features two fuel-cell-like stacks, or chambers, filled with hydrogen gas and connected by steel tubes with round pressure gauges.

Throwable Panoramic Camera

We present a throwable panoramic camera that solves these problems.


The Invention of Whac-A-Mole

Also, Fechter’s game used only moles, rather than a variety of animals in the Japanese game.


Glowing Wallpaper

The future of wallpaper is: glowing?


Invention Helps Cerebral Palsy Patients

As a senior clinical occupational therapist, David Blaski works with patients to help them recover skills needed for daily living.


A Better Wagon For Travel

For the past 10 years, Shapiro, a personal injury lawyer who works and lives at the Beach, has dabbled at inventing a wagon that’s easier to carry and load.


‎Bus Driver’s Safety Invention

As a school bus driver, nothing is more important than the safety of the children on your bus, and thanks to a new invention, the Steffi Crossing Enhancer, that safety is being taken to the next level.


Inventor’s Greatest Creation: The Flak Jacket

In 1978, Byron Donzis walked into a Houston hospital looking for Dan Pastorini, the Houston Oilers’ prized quarterback who was laid up with three broken ribs from a recent game.

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