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Pay to Sit?

Is there someplace you could put this pay-to-sit bench with coin operated retractable spikes?

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Musical Glasses

The Musical Glass is a wine glass turned into a playful instrument perfect for dinner parties.


Willy Wonka-esque Flavored Coupons

Many dismissed the flavored wallpaper scene in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory as childhood fantasy, but for Adnan Aziz, it was a revolutionary idea with real-life potential.


Thinking Inside The Vacuum Box

Jake Tyler’s innovative machine so impressed cleaning giant Vax that it intends to put the model into production.


FoamAroma: A Better Coffee Lid

In 2007 inspiration presented itself to Craig Bailey in the form of a latte at a coffee shop in Ridgefield, WA.


Inventor Hopes To End World Hunger

Bushell’s Solar Grow 1 (SG1) is set to transform food production and was recently named “British and World Invention of the Year.”

Once on site, SG1 analyses soil and water resources and immediately begins crop growth.

The City Car Of The Future

The cars, which are smaller than Smart Cars, are battery-electric, so they don’t cause tailpipe emissions.


Take a Pill for Bedbugs

The technique is known as xenointoxication, which sounds like intergalactic beer pong but in medical pathology is Greek for “poisoning the guest.” In Dr.


Niche Products: Dip Clip

“The idea is that people don’t want to have their dip touching their other stuff or running all over their plate,” said the Fredericton businessman who came up with the concept for one of Progressive International’s latest kitchen gadgets.

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