Tattoo Removal Business Booming

The tattoo removal industry is still growing and expected to hit $83.2 million over the next four years.


Intelligent Street Lights

It’s like an iPhone in the form of a streetlight.


Playing Tag With Your Drink

Nguyen’s solution: Mini decks of playing cards called “PartyPal drinktags.” Guests get a tiny plastic card/tag – say, a jack of hearts – and adhere it to their drink container.


Self Publishing Works If You Bring Your Own Audience

Self-publishing these days is increasingly a tale of two cities.


Self Healing Materials Coming Soon

At some point in the near future you’ll wear out those running shoes, break that squash racket, drop your smartphone and crack the screen.

Scientists Find Cheaper Way to Make World’s Most Expensive Coffee

A food scientist has cracked the secrets of the world’s most expensive coffee, Kopi Luwak, whose beans pass through the intestinal tract of an Indonesian civet before being roasted and savoured.


Time to Start a Restaurant, Or a Restaurant Supply Business

According to the Consumer Expenditure Midyear Update from Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average American household’s restaurant spending has increased to the point at which it last was in 2008.


Inventing A World Of Fun

Velte, 50, now creates fun full time.


Why Can’t Chuck Get His Business Off the Ground?

If we want to grow our economy, we must remove government-imposed barriers to honest enterprise at the city and state levels.


Wine About To Get More Expensive

Silicon Valley Bank, which provides the wine industry with commercial banking services, predicts the fine wine business will see sales growth of 7 to 11 percent this year amid a looming grape shortage.

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