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Who Owns the Moon? Because China’s Going to Mine It

VOA’s Alex Villarreal talks with reporter Henry Ridgwell in London about his coverage of China’s recent lunar landing.

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GreenBottle Goes Wine

The first question that I’m sure immediately comes to everyone’s mind is how a paper bottle full of wine doesn’t just turn to mush moments after being filled.


Niche Biz: Shark Repellent

The tiny box on the Velcro strap is called the Electronic Shark Defense System or ESDS.


Space Race: There Are Dollar Signs on the Moon

“It’s probably the biggest wealth creation opportunity in modern history,” said Barney Pell, a former NASA computer scientist turned entrepreneur and now a co-founder of Moon Express.


Window Screens and PVC Oil Spill Cleanup

Gerry Matherne recently built a helicopter from “a bit of this and a piece of that,”


Amazon To Ship Products Before You Even Buy Them

Amazon has patented “anticipatory package shipping,” a system that ships products before customers have actually bought them — based on what it predicts they will buy, according to NPR.


What it Like Behind the Scenes at Shark Tank?

“I was treated like a star,” Isakow says, of his time in L.A.


What Are the Odds That Your Job Will Be Replaced By Robots?

Pretty high unless you’re a recreational therapist.


Writers Don’t Need Publishers, They Need Amazon

Amazon.com has taught readers that they do not need bookstores.


When Kids Get Creative

Kids can be very creative and can see things in a way that adults don’t.

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