Hi! I'm Dane Carlson, and welcome to the Business Opportunities Weblog. I've been publishing this website, by myself, and sometimes with the help of others for over twelve years now. You'll notice two things about this site right away:

  • We have tons of content. In fact, since November 2011, I've published more than 26,000 posts on thousands of different business ideas and opportunities.
  • We don't sell much advertising. In late 2013, I realized that by selling advertising, what I was really selling was my readers. In 2014, I've already radically cut down on the number of ads and will hopefully keep cutting.

A New Look for Clintons

Back in 2012, Clinton Cards was just one of the many high street names which looked as if it was on the verge of disappearing for ever.

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Building A Better Jam

Fraser was just 14 when, using his gran’s recipes, he developed a healthier jam with 100 per cent fruit and no added sugar.


History Of Coke’s Curvy Plastic Bottle

Coca-Cola Co.’s contour bottle, introduced in 1916, is perhaps the best-known packaging design in American history, but when the soft-drink maker switched to plastic, it was confined to the same straight-sided bottle as everyone else.


The Journey To Build A Better Camper

Chandler Palethorpe bought a small, name-brand camping trailer a few years ago and spent a good deal of time studying how he might improve the design.


Feeding Into The Backyard Chicken Trend

Emrich, a former investment manager, started Backyard Chicken Run two years ago.


Niche: Healthy Vending Geared Toward Kids

It is no secret that childhood obesity and its associated risk factors have become a great cause for concern across the United States in recent years, but self-described social entrepreneur and advocate for healthy living Andy Mackensen wants to change all that.


Advice For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

–Don’t start a business to get rich because there may be surer routes to material gain, such as working for an existing multinational and building up stock options.


Catering To Kids Birthday Parties

Mia Mothershed now conducts at least three parties a week that feature more than a dozen themes including princess, rock star, spa and others.


Test The Market With Your Business Ideas

Budding Richard Bransons will be able to try out their business ideas for free by setting up a market stall.


Making Tables From Hangers

The patriotic table tops are the work of inventor and entrepreneur Nick Stillwell, who created them using recycled coat hangers supplied by the Frome store.

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